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The Law of Similars
The Greek word homoios, meaning 'similar,' and pathos, meaning 'suffering,' together point to the main principle of homeopathy, namely that 'like cures like,' also called the Law of Similars. 

A Law of Cure
In practice, this means that substances which have the capacity to cause a certain symptom picture to appear in a person, or living thing, may also cure this symptom picture. And so we have a LAW of cure, a principle to base healing on.

The Origin of Homeopathy
This natural law was brought to light in the late 1700's by the German doctor Samuel Hahnemann. Since then this medical art and science has spread across the world and is now rapidly becoming the medicine of the present and future as more and more people are coming to understand and use its unique medicinal features.

A Holistic Therapy
Homeopathy is a holistic system of therapy, because it treats patients on the basis of their whole condition of health, in preference to focusing on eradicating individual symptoms, which can lead to other symptoms appearing elsewhere in the organism at a deeper level of pathology.

Medicines Tested on People
Homeopathy employs medicines that have been tested on people. However, these remedies also work on animals and plants. Minute doses of substances from the human, animal, plant and mineral kingdoms are prepared in a way that is unique to homeopathy, bringing out the latent and marvellous curative powers of these substances, such as gold, sea salt and sand, that were previously mostly unknown. 

Medicines Stimulate the Organism to Heal Itself
These medicines stimulate and strengthen the vital force of the organism so that it begins to cure itself. Thus, many illnesses that were considered incurable may be cured by homeopathy, as has been demonstrated and well documented for over 200 years by both medical and lay practitioners of homeopathy.

Only One Remedy At a Time
In classical homeopathy only one remedy is given at a time, often only once. The patientís vital force is stimulated in the direction of curing the illness and is given the time to do so. After the first consultation, a month is generally allowed to pass before the next visit. At the follow-up consultation, the patient is checked to see whether curative progress is being made.

  One Remedy May Suffice
If the patient is progressing well, no further remedy is given, progress often being monitored by phone. Otherwise, a new, more suitable remedy is found and allowed to act for a month or more. At times a remedy needs to be repeated to maintain the curative progress, or perhaps a deeper layer of the illness appears for treatment with another remedy.

Physical, Emotional and Mental Balance Is Achieved
Chronic and inherited illnesses of many yearsí duration can take months to cure, but in classical homeopathy we are working with the patientís vital force, allowing it the time it needs to re-establish balance on all three levels: the physical, emotional and mental. As illness most often originates on a level higher than the physical - it being the final level where disease manifests for mainstream treatment - this is a very sensible approach to healing. Cures may be effected before physical pathology has had time to develop.

The Energy Body
Because the way homeopathy works is not well understood, it has unfortunately been neglected by mainstream medicine. Now that the existence of an energy body enveloping living things is becoming generally known, among others by means of Kirlian photography, it may be seen and measured that homeopathy works through this medium.

Become a Homepath
You are invited to enter into the world of this often seemingly magical art and science of holistic healing. Become a classical homeopath.

Receive Homeopathic Treatment
Or, if you want to receive homeopathic treatment, have your problem treated with classical homeopathy, whether it be a dysfunction or physical pathology. Such problems include allergies, skin problems, sleeplessness, depression, eating disorders, infertility, concentration, behavioural problems, anxiety, migraine, fears, such as of flying . . .

Ideal of Cure
As stated by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann: 
'The highest ideal of cure is rapid, gentle and permanent restoration of the health, or removal and annihilation of the disease in its whole extent, in the shortest, most reliable, and most harmless way, on easily comprehensible principles.'

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