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Homeopathy and the Flu
by Ken Oftedal, BSc, MDSKH


 Take Influenzinum 200C, Bacillinum 200C or Oscillococcinum 200C (also called Anas Barb)  once a month during the flu season. If there is an epidemic of flu, take 30C three times a week.

 Echinacea mother tincture will strengthen the immune system. Take some drops each day and increase threefold during a flu epidemic.

 A good multivitamin and extra vitamin C are also helpful in the prevention of flu.

 Start Phase of Flu (preferably use 200C)

 There is a lookup facility on www.homeopathy.euni.org called Urgencies, where a search on flu will provide information on selecting the right remedy.

the first stages of flu symptoms after being exposed to a cold wind or getting chilled. Also when you have fever and chill, are restless with anxiety.

Every movement causes pain. You want to lie still. Painful dry cough. Headache and pains, Better from pressure, Worse from movement. Irritable and thirsty for cold drinks.

Icy coldness, but do not want to be covered, although sensitive to cold. Desire for cold drinks. A state of sudden collapse. Desire for snacks and company during fever. Anxiety.

 Eupatorium perfoliatum 
Intense aching back, limbs and especially bones – which feel broken. Sore skin and muscles. Shivering chills. Thirst for cold water. Food, drink and bile may be vomited. Headache with nausea. Sore chest with cough.

 Nux Vomica
Extreme chilliness. Shivery and unable to get warm despite heat. Fever, but freezing inside. Aching limbs and gastric problems. Nausea. Better from sleep, better from hot drinks, better from strong pressure, better from being left alone.

 Gelsemium sempervirens
Aching tiredness and weakness, especially in muscles and limbs. Drowsy, dull, apathetic, dizzy and trembling. Heavy eyelids with bruising headache from the neck to head and forehead. Chill and heat. Not thirsty.

 After Flu (200C)

This clears up symptoms after flu, especially when the lungs have been affected. Coughs are irritating, incessant and tickling. Great debility, weight loss and lack of appetite may be present. Three doses in 12 hours.

It may be necessary to follow up with one of the following:

 China officinalis
Continued debility and chilliness. Anemic and weak with desire to stretch and move. Worse on alternate days.

Kali phosphoricum
General weakness with spasm. The slightest labor seems like heavy work.

 Phosphoric acid
Chronic fatigue after flu. Better from warmth, better from sleep. Feels apathetic, dull, indifferent to everything. Low continued fevers.

 Genus Epidemicus (200C)

 In an epidemic this is the remedy that matches the collective symptoms of the disease among the population.

 With the recent bird flu, the symptoms described by a survivor of the H5N1 virus are similar to those of the remedies: Antimonium tartaricum, Ipecacuanha and Sanguinaria.

 Thus, these remedies should be examined for a match in any case of the flu caused by this virus. The remedy with the closest match should be used to treat the patient.

 In the case of bird flu, there is a procedure on how anyone can make a remedy locally that will keep them alive. Further details on this may be obtained via www.homeopathy.euni.org.

 Suppliers of Homeopathic Remedies

 There are many suppliers the following are a few:



 www.homeopathyworks.com (US)

 Taking Homeopathic Remedies

 For complete details there is an introductory on-line course on www.homeopathy.euni.org.

 Pills are melted on the tongue. Liquids remedies are dripped on the tongue.

 Basically when symptoms of flu are felt, a potency of 200C is taken once. If no change is noted within an hour or less, the remedy is probably incorrect and another should be tried.

 If there is a change for better or worse, wait until the change has passed. If you feel better, don’t take any more until you have a relapse. If no total change is noted, try another remedy.

 Food or drink should not be consumed about 15 minutes prior to and after taking a remedy.