The subject of electrosmog is becoming increasingly important in our technological civilization, where we are being exposed to an increasing number of electrical and electronic devices that appear in our homes, work places, our cities and villages, and even in the countryside.

From outside our homes we are exposed to magnetic fields from nearby high-tension wires, transformer stations, and particularly microwaves from the mobile phone masts that are mushrooming up around us. In Spain there are many such masts, with many that are even more powerful being planned for future installment.

In our homes we are immersed in the emissions of an increasing number of devices such as pcīs, small transformers, electric motors, leaky microwave ovens, tvīs, and mobile phones. 

Often there are leakage currents circulating in our water pipes due to faulty wiring, or we sleep too close to magnetic fields from wall cables, or electric devices near the bed.  

Likewise, we see a similar picture at the office. In office landscapes one finds a multitude of pc screens, printers and cordless devices, such as pc-mice and mobile phones, emitting EMR (electromagnetic radiation).

It does not require much imagination and common sense to realize that such radiation may be affecting our health. Big business interests often suppress or downgrade reports of people becoming ill. One does not hear or read much about such people in the news media, yet they exist in great numbers. Sleep disturbances, headaches, spontaneous abortions, cancer, leukemia, constant tiredness, allergies and other problems are 'seen' as just normal occurrences in life.

Many people have become so sensitive to electromagnetic fields that they are unable to remain in any office, nor even at home, without developing intense pains and other unpleasant symptoms. Their expensive education and years of experience have suddenly become worthless, their career gone. Some have had to move out into the woods or to distant regions, or even caves, to escape the fields emitted by electrical devices. 

In most technologically advanced countries, associations for electrosensitive persons have been established. One such is to be found a www.feb.se  the website of the Swedish association. This website contains links to associations in many other countries and current news, much of it in English. Sweden is a pioneer in EMR research.

Report regarding electrosmog:

1. House of Commons - Select Commitee on Science and Technology