Earth Radiation

There is electromagnetc radiation coming from the earth itself. Such radiation may affect your health if you spend much time on certain pathogenic spots while working or sleeping. Severe illness can result from this.

Hartmann lines are naturally occurring charged lines that run magnetically North-South (2 m apart) and East-West (2.5 m apart). They rise from the ground like invisible walls about 20 cm thick, penetrating buildings, and form a network that spans the Earth. The intersections of these lines are what may cause problems to the human organism. 

The Curry lines are similar, but run diagonally to the poles about 3 m apart, forming another network that spans the Earth diagonally. Here again, it is the intersections that give problems.

There are other sources of electromagnetic radiation stemming from the earth, often called earth rays. Underground streams emit vertical walls of microwaves, as do the stressed geological fault lines. Deposits of oil, gas and minerals may also do the same. Intersections of such walls are again what may cause problems.

If Hartmann, Curry and earth ray lines should cross, in any combination such points would be extremely pathogenic.

This is the realm of geobiology, which was pioneered by the German doctor Ernst Hartmann shortly after the end of World War II. A great deal of research has been done in this field with thousands of case histories.

The conclusion of this work is that heavy illness is more often than not attributable to sleeping on or spending much time on pathogenic spots.

Included here are cases of children who are frequently ill, do poorly in school, wet their beds, grow abnormally, become seriously ill.

Included are also cases of heart problems, cancer, low energy, tumors, rheumatism, immune problems, marriage failures.

Mostly it is a case of moving one's bed to another spot. Such a simple cure.