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by Ken Oftedal, BSc, MAEHU

Homeopathy can be of great value in bringing healthy children. into the world. This could already begin with treatment of the parents (your husband and yourself) prior to conception. Children of homeopathically treated parents have been found to be less ill and less influenced by heredity, i.e. illness predispositions passed on down the family tree.

As a child born of such parents grows up they can be very impressed with how few problems they have with their latest child, while their other children went from one illness to another.

On the other hand, you might be infertile or have spontaneous abortions. This can be due to a variety of causes, but often a well-chosen homeopathic remedy will resolve such problems.

During pregnancy you might experience an extensive variety of conditions you would much rather be without, all of which a few chemical-free homeopathic pills can resolve. Such conditions commonly include nausea and vomiting, morning sickness, personality changes, irritability, sleepiness and depression.

Other symptoms that could come your way are vertigo, breast pains, disgust for your husband, aversion to sex, aversion to the sight and smell of food, hot-temperedness, heartburn, shortness of breath, bladder inflammation, involuntary or frequent urination, bleeding gums, cramps, and anxiety something bad will happen to your family. Quite a package.

To top it all off, there could also be a lack of foetal growth, diarrhoea, weepiness, cold body parts, great salivation, herpes, hypersensitivity to noise, painful varices, and vaginal itching.

Wouldn't it be nice not to be sick during pregnancy?

For your information, the most important symptoms during pregnancy that should be treated homeopathically are:

·      Any emotional changes

·      Changes in your temperature sensitivity (becoming warm-blooded or chilly)

·      Personality changes

·      Changes in thirst

·      Changes in your food desires or aversions

Doing so will optimize conditions for your coming child and prevent future health problems.

If there should be an impending miscarriage, such as after an injury or emotional shock, there are a number of homeopathic remedies that can be employed to prevent this, of course, in cooperation with your doctor. If you have a tendency to spontaneous abortions, have it treated homeopathically and you will usually not experience any problems in this regard.

Should you be very anxious, hysterical or sleepy prior to delivery it can be alleviated quickly with remedies you can have at hand. If your baby is in the wrong position it can very often be righted after one dose of Pulsatilla.

Cimicifuga is a homeopathic remedy that promotes rapid dilation of the cervix during delivery. Likewise, if your contractions are not strong enough or should stop, the remedy Caulophyllum will be of great use if your cervix is sufficiently dilated. Other conditions you might experience during delivery, such as sleepiness, vomiting, back pain, and cramps, can also be treated.

Should you have problems after delivery such as depression, aversion to your baby (which happens to many women), bleeding, retained placenta, inflammation, swelling and varices they can also be treated.

As vaccination is increasingly being linked to childhood allergies and future chronic disease, an alternative vaccination programme has been developed in which homeopathic remedies are given at certain intervals over several years. It is based on a research programme conducted in Australia over 15 years with 500 families. A preventive effectiveness of 89% is reported.

Later, as you already know or will discover, breast-feeding problems and childhood complaints, such as teething pains, respiratory infections and allergies, very often come on the agenda, all of which are perfectly amenable to treatment with homeopathy. With a little training you can treat such conditions yourself.

UK-produced homeopathic remedy kits for pregnant women and home remedy kits for families are available.  A call to your homeopath, or you yourself with the aid of the instructions included in such kits, can often rapidly resolve your or your child’s problem as you have the appropriate remedy at hand.

Thus, from pre-conception and on through childhood, your child can be assured a naturally healthy constitution, which will be passed on to your grandchildren.  That is certainly a gift worth giving, isn't it.

You can learn to deal with a number of problems that arise in the home such as injuries from falls, cuts, abrasions, pinched fingers, hangovers, flu, teething problems,  sports injuries and other problems by attending a short course in the use of domestic remedies.